Hi there!

I am Tini, a Malaysian native in her 30’s who tries to juggle my career, being a wife to an ever-loving hubby , a daughter to supportive parents, mummy to two little doggies and a travel rookie. I admit , I am still learning the nuances of being a insightful traveler and would like to share my journey – fun , boring stuff included! Best stories are the ones shared 🙂 

The travel bug 1st hit me in 2013 where I hit the road to Thailand with a couple of girlfriends in what I would call a spontaneous, crazy experience. I will share more on this later, but I still remember my friend saying ” Once you see the 1st stamp in your passport, there will be thirst for more” and she was right!

This is my 1st time blogging and to be honest – I am not sure what I am doing but keeping my fingers crossed and hope to find my niche somewhere down the road. 

Happy and safe travels!